Hair Loss, can it be cured?

This is a great article on Temporary Hair Loss which is different from Alopecia Areata. Temporary hair loss is explained in the article below and can in many cases be remedied through supplementation and diet. Were as Alopecia is a genetic issue and is sometimes remedied with medical treatments, and supplementation can also help as well.

Stress can be a factor in temporary hair loss as well, if you are under a lot of stress and are noticing some unusual hair loss, try some relaxation techniques like Meditation, Reiki Treatments, and Massages.

Here is a partial list of supplementation for temporary hair loss, for more information on supplements to use, please contact me through my website, email or call, I'd be happy to help you find the right supplements for you.



Omega Guard (Pharmaceutical Grade)

Stress Relief Complex

Saw Palmetto Complex (for men only)

These are just a few on my list. I'm looking forward to helping you.

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